1. Instructions

Welcome to our Computer Basics Lessons

We believe that everyone learns best by doing. Our lessons take you to a website where you will be able to practice a new computer skill. The websites are carefully chosen; they are easy and fun for beginners.


*** To print a lesson

You may find it helpful to have a printout of the lesson. At the top of each lesson is a Print/Save button. Click the Print/Save button to Open, Print, and Save a PDF of the lesson to your computer.


About Lesson Steps

There is a checkbox beside each Step. Click it to keep track of where you are in the lesson.

We place images between Steps to help guide you through the lesson. For example:


Each lesson begins with a text link. A text link is blue underlined text. Clicking on a text link will open a website in a new tab.

Left-click this text link  www.digitalunite.com and read the 10 top tips for computer beginners.

When you finish, close the Digital Unite tab and return to this lesson page.

About our Quiz

The short quiz at the end of each lesson provides us with your feedback.

Try the quiz below.

Instruction Quiz

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