6. Internet Basics

In this lesson, you will revisit the Learn My Way website and learn how to use a browser to search the Internet. You will discover a variety of things you can do online: how to find websites, how to bookmark favourite sites, and learn about the rules of the Internet.


Left-click this text link to open the website in a new tab. LearnMyWay.

Mouse 1

Read the introduction and then click on Start Using the Internet to begin the lesson. A small window will appear on your computer screen that says Welcome to Internet basics.

Mouse 2


We recommend that you select Turn audio on by clicking in the small circle. Then click the Start button, read the text, then click Next.




Now the Course menu is visible. Select the first module About the Internet.


The Next button takes you through the complete module. You will notice a Tools option in the top right corner of the window. Click Tools to change the Text size and Colours settings of the course. Select the Back button to return to the course.

Take your time. If you complete all four modules of the Internet basics course you will learn about the Internet while using new computer skills!