5. Navigating a website

In this lesson, you will visit the Digital Learn website and complete three lessons, taking six minutes! The lesson explains how to find a website and describes the parts of a website.



To open the website and lesson, click on this link Digitallearn.org.


Have a look at the different options on this website page. To the right is a description of the lesson with a Start Class button.


Below this, are three boxes numbered 1,2, and 3. If you click on each box you will be shown a description for each short lesson. Go head and click on each box.


Above and to the right of these 3 boxes, you will see Supplemental Materials. This allows you to save and print the lesson,and share it with someone via email, twitter, or Facebook.


Before you start the lesson, here is a tip to make viewing easier. When the lesson begins, scroll-down so you can see the control buttons. These control buttons allow you to adjust the volume, pause the video, repeat the video, go back or go to next (in this order).


To begin the lesson, click Start Class. Follow the instructions as you continue through all the lessons.

When you complete all 3 lessons, you may Exit Class. This will return you to the Learn page.


On the Learn page, scroll down to view other lessons on the Digital Learn website. If you like this website and their method of teaching, try another lesson. We recommend you try the Basic Search lesson. Enjoy!

Navigating Quiz

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