4. Keyboard Basics

This lesson is perfect for the complete beginner. It provides typing practice while demonstrating proper fingering.


Learning to type takes time and practice, so we suggest you take your time completing this lesson. You can do a little today, some tomorrow, and so on until you complete the entire tutorial.


If you already know finger placement on the keyboard and you find this tutorial too easy, go to the last Step in this lesson which provides a more challenging website to practice your typing skills.



Click this link GCF Learn Free to open the site in a new tab. On this website page you will see the many tutorials GCF Learn Free offers for basic computer skills.


In the Computers column move the mouse over Typing Tutorial. When the mouse pointer changes to a hand, left-click to select this tutorial.


Next, you will Launch Activity. 


Then click Learn and your lesson will begin. Make sure your computer speakers are on and the volume is turned up so you can hear.


Continue through the lesson until you wish to stop or take a break. To stop, click the wiggly arrow just above the lesson. It looks like this.


You can see the entire learning path. It begins with sets of letters and finishes with sentences. When you are ready to restart the lesson, click any set of letters you wish to practice.


There are quite a few websites designed for typing practice. One of our favourites is Typingweb.com. They give you two options: register to save your progress, or practice without registering. Both options are free. This is a great website to help you increase your typing speed. If you wish, go to Typingweb.com now.

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