3. Mouse Practice

We believe everyone who uses a computer should be comfortable with the equipment. The mouse, mouse pad, and keyboard are your tools to access online learning. Why not learn as much as you can about these tools and practice using them to make your online learning experience easier.


In this lesson, each Step introduces you to a new website that teaches mouse skills. We present them in order , beginning with the easy-quiet learning site first and the noisy-active learning site last.



First in line is the Skillful Senior website. Their motto is ‘Make your life easier’! This is the best website for easy and peaceful learning.

Click this link Skillful Senior Mouse Skills and start with Overview and continue to the sixth tutorial called Highlighting.

mp1 mp2

Next you’ll visit the GCF Learn Free website for a different learning and practicing experience. Click this link to begin GCF Mouse Tutorial. Select Part 1 and follow the instructions. Complete all six parts.



Use the spacebar on your keyboard as required during the lesson.

mp4  mp7

The third website you will visit is a little more like going to the gym for a workout. Have you heard the term mousercising? This is what you will do on this website – mouse exercises!

Click this link Mousercise and prepare to workout!


We saved the mouse playground for last. Take your pick from a wide assortment of cartoon animations that will have your mouse hopping, jumping, swinging, and popping things.

Click this link – Minimouse. Don’t hold back!

Who doesn’t like catching snowflakes on the tongue?


We hope you enjoyed our selection of mousing around practice websites. We bet you’ve had enough mousercise for one day!

Please inform us if you encounter technical problems or issues with this lesson. We welcome your feedback that may help us improve our Computer Basics lessons.

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