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Taproot V: Publishing & Patrons

Poetry, Prose and Images of
the Eastern Townships, Taproot once again produced
will highlight community and culture.
Haiku by Catherine Paquette


Do you write? Sketch? Photograph?

Submit your work for a chance to be showcased in the fifth volume of Taproot, featuring poetry, prose and images from the Eastern Townships.

Townshippers’ Association is currently accepting submissions for the fifth installment of this popular anthology of Townships creativity, which will be produced as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations.

Why Participate?

Taproot offers an excellent publishing opportunity for both emerging and established writers, poets, photographers, and visual artists who live (full or part-time) in the Eastern Townships. Artists are invited to read the guidelines and participate in Taproot’s fifth volume planned for 2014.

Aug 082013

Graham Moodie, Literacy in Action’s President, with members of Mission Ontario.
Photo credit: Janice Vaudry

My ticket out of a life of poverty was reading. It opened up a world of imagination and new possibilities. With reading, I began to do well in school. I was prepared to take advantage of opportunities as I went along.

These are the words of the Honourable James Karl Bartleman, the 27th Lieutenant-Governor (2002-2007) and Ontario’s previous Vice-regal representative. During his mandate, Mr. Bartleman initiated the Lieutenant-Governor’s Book Program which collected over 1.2 million books donated from all corners of the Ontario to distribute in remote First Nation communities. His Honour also initiated tutoring programs, school twinning programs, reading programs (Club Amick), and summer literacy camps in Ontario’s north and Nunavut.

This August, the legacy of Mr. Barleman is reaching the Eastern Townships as Team Ontario for the Summer Games 2013 brings children’s books to the Games host-community. The books will be presented during Team Ontario’s Pep Rally on August 10 to volunteers of Literacy in Action who will then distribute them during the year to families through our network of programs and partners.

May 232013

Veronica is very busy, like many of us, but she was happy to participate in our Lifelong Learner Interview series and share her learning experiences with us.

While her three children were young, Veronica began to pursue her career in nutrition and health through a combination of online learning and returning to school. Her goal was to establish a family-oriented profession so she could work from home. Veronica’s approach to learning is continuous and ongoing;  she has studied applied nutrition, health kinesiology, and will soon be a naturopath. Her approach to learning and her holistic approach to health appear closely connected in a unique way. Let’s begin the interview and find out more.

Q -You were a young mom when you decided to train yourself for a new career. Tell us about that experience. 

A – My career, before I became a mother, had been as a chef in the food industry.  This is not a very family-friendly environment (long hours, high levels of stress, working weekends and evenings).  I loved working with food, especially healthy food, and decided that I would build on the skills and interests I already had and study nutrition, and now naturopathy. It is really a very natural evolution.

Q - Your career has flourished and you’re still setting new goals. How do you balance all this?

A - I don’t always achieve as good a balance as I would like.  When the children were still at school (primary and secondary) it was easier…my priority was to be with them and provide a warm and loving home environment as much as possible.  So I only took work that fitted around them, their schools days, and school holidays.  However now that they are all busy teenagers and young adults, I find myself with much more time to devote to my work.  I actually love what I do so much, it is not like working – and I end up sometimes neglecting other parts of my life (exercise, meditating, enjoying the company of friends).

Q - What motivates you to continue learning and would you say this motivation has evolved or changed with time? 

A - What motivates me is the challenge to always improve what I am doing, what I can bring to clients with regards to preventative health care, or the happiness an excellent meal or recipe creates.  Realizing that I am contributing greatly to someone’s well-being is, for me, extremely stimulating.  I would say that this motivation is constantly present, and is probably the main reason I continue to want to continue to learn, and to work such long hours.

Q - What does it mean to you to be a lifelong learner? 

A - Always stretching the limits of my beliefs, always believing that there is a solution or an answer to a challenge – one just has to find it.  Learning is, for me, like breathing.  It is the most wonderful thing to expand the way I see the world.  Why would one ever stop?!

Q - Is there anything you would like to add?

A - That nothing is ever wasted – no matter what you are learning or studying or working at will serve you well at one stage.  We can’t imagine, sometimes, where we will end up.  But that is not important – the essential thing is to continue learning and expanding our awareness and skills.  Learning for the pure joy of the learning, and not just to ultimately gain something.

_ _ _

Thank you, Veronica, for your time and wise thoughts! And thank you, Emily Williams, for meeting with Veronika and providing this interview for our series!

To find out more about Veronica’s projects go to: 

Website – www.artdelanutrition.com and Facebook Les Festins Enchantés.